[Working !!] How To Turn Off Facebook’s Started Watch Party Notification ?

Facebook recently introduced their users with the new feature ” Watch Party “. in this feature group admin can share any video to the group members with the live comment of users in it. it doesn’t matter video is live or prerecorded group admin can make the video to the watch party.

Now many users like me are addicted to some interesting groups of memes and discussion so he has already joined so many groups and now because of this feature they are frequently getting notification about “people started watch parties “. So if you don’t want that notification or if you want to turn of the notification of started watch party then here is the guide which i also executed in my facebook.

turn off watch party notification in facebook

How to turn off Started watch parties Notification in Facebook ?

To turn off started watching party notification or to stop facebook to notify when any group member started watch party then you need to follow just 4 below given steps.

  • First of all  Click on the notification icon of facebook in the upper right corner.

    watch party notification
  • Now Find the recent notification of started watch parties.
  • Then Click On the 3 dots of this notification (refer below given image for that)

started watch parties notification

  • Now click on turn off notification of this type.
  • that’s it !


So many people are asking us “What if we can’t find notification about started watch parties in notification bar ?” & also saying that “This solution is not appropriate” Some people are asking about “other method to off turn off notification of watch party feature” but if you visit privacy or notification setting area in facebook they haven’t gave such a option by which we can turn off watch parties notification and the reason behind this could be the watch party feature is still in developing mode; its just a testing.

5 Replies to “[Working !!] How To Turn Off Facebook’s Started Watch Party Notification ?”

  1. Yeah, I worked this out fairly quickly. You can turn off one type of notification, but soon enough another new type of content will be introduced and you’ll start getting notifications about that. I’ve unliked and unfollowed just about every page I ever visited on Fb because I’m sick of the notifications. There should be an option to receive NO NOTIFICATIONS EVER. It should also be possible to restrict your news feed to posts by friends ONLY. Fuck all the other bullshit that “you might be interested in”. You clearly don’t know me well Fb because I’ve never been interested in any of these ‘suggested posts’. Meh, I guess the only option now is to switch off entirely, might check it once or twice a month just to keep informed about events etc.

  2. The option described above was valid only for the individual from who the notification originated. A way to turn off all watch party notifications should be made available.

  3. This Watch party is just TOTALLY BULLSHIT want to Unsubscribe…OPT Out…STOP this FUKN Crap …
    Didn’t Ask for This Random SHIT…
    What a Avenue for the Hackers Around this World Not Only Hack You but have Access to Family and friends WTF…

  4. I received so many watch party invites from pple who arent my friend, from a group I’m not even a member in. I tried turning off all notifications from settings and from the PC version. Still random groups invites came up!!! How can I reach facebook and get a real solution for this? I sent message in the app. No response yet…!! Turning off notifications is annoying and different random groups and pple will send me junks again later!!! FB shd restrict this to members of the group or friends only!!!

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