What I Want for Mother’s Day As A Mother. . . and Every Day

Yes, I do want a day off from the daily grind of mothering – the feeding, cleaning and entertaining of children. Now, I don’t mind the things I do for the children because that’s what I signed up for. I even do it with a smile some days. But a break is always welcomed.

However, I’m not wishing for that this Mother’s Day. I’ve never been big on celebrating these occasions, but I don’t begrudge those who care about it. So here are my wishes this Mother’s Day.

What a Mom Really Wants On Mothers day ?

What a mom really wants on mothers day

I wish for all new mothers to be granted with baby coos and smiles, a helping hand, a loving hug, and a hot shower. Throw in a steaming cup of coffee and a warm meal, why not? I wish for you to know that even though these early days are challenging, some day, you will sleep again, and even if things don’t feel easier, they will be because you get better at it.

I wish for all mothers who are deep in the trenches of mothering very young children, the patience to understand that your young children will not understand Mother’s Day yet, and it’d just be another Sunday where a child may throw a tantrum, or spit up all over Mommy’s shirt. I wish for you, Mother of Young Children (just like me), that despite the hard days, you will see through the fog to and know that you are loved, needed and appreciated.

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I wish for all mothers of older children that you get pampered and have breakfast made for you. That you get to sleep in without having to ask for the extra time. That you get thoughtfully picked out gifts and good behavior that will last through the week.

I wish for all mothers grieving a loss that this day, you find some peace in your heart, love in your home, and joy in the small things that are still there. I wish for you to be shown grace and understanding, if you choose not to dwell on this day that will be hard for you.

I wish for all mothers that you know you are loved, and not just on Mother’s Day.

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