Timberman Adventure Game Download for PC (Windows XP/ 7/ 8/10/Vista)

Timberman Download Free for PC (Windows XP/ 7/ 8/10/Vista)

Yet another addictive game is out after Flappy Bird was taken down from all app stores. Timberman is the new addictive simple game app that has risen to top 5 game apps in 20 different countries in the world.

Timberman is available for iOS as well as Android OS and could be downloaded through their respective app stores. Timberman The Best Adventure Game is available for mobile devices but it can also be downloaded and played on PC too using methods that I have discussed later in this article.

Downloading Timberman for PC can be great fun if you want to play it on bigger screen however due to its simplicity, the game is pretty much comfortable to be played on mobile devices as well.

Anyways everyone has different taste so those who want to play it on a bigger screen can see below methods.


Why should you download Timberman?

Timberman is a simple old school arcade game where you have to chop tree using an axe without letting the branches touch lumberjack’s head.

You can swipe lumberjack left and right to chop down the tree and avoid branches touch his head. The speed of descending branches keeps on increasing as you advance and it requires great concentration and control on the fingers.

The game looks pretty simple but hard to master as you need to quickly tap the screen on the sides of the tree to avoid lumberjack being hit by tree branches. As soon as the branch touches lumberjack’s head, the game gets over and you need to start again.

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The app is available free of cost at both the stores. However, if you want to unlock more features and avoid those annoying ads which you see after every couple of levels, you can get Golden edition just for $0.99.

The game was initially started back in May but after a great start, it didn’t do well and no. of downloads each month kept on decreasing. Recently it went viral and out of total 2 and half million downloads, 1 million came in just last 3 days.

Features of Timberman game app:

  • Pretty Simple to play but hard to master.
  • Old school arcade game app.
  • Tap left/right of the branch to chop the tree
  • Free to download from respective app stores.
  • 4 variable environments.
  • 8 Timbermen to unlock.
  • Golden edition to remove annoying ads and unlock other features


How to get Timberman for PC

You need an android emulator to run Android apps comfortably on PC. There are quite a few emulators available online but Bluestacks is recommended the most. It is free to download for Windows as well for other platforms.


Method 1 –

Download Bluestacks – Download Bluestacks for windows from its official website.

Install Bluestacks – Once downloaded, install Bluestacks by double-clicking the downloaded file and following instructions.

Search App – Once Bluestacks is installed, go to search option and write “Timberman”. The app should appear in search result.

Install Timberman – Install the app by clicking it.

Done! Enjoy Timberman on PC


Method 2 –

Follow the first two steps discussed in method one (installation of Bluestacks)

Search for setup file – Go to Google and search for Timberman .apk file (setup file) or simply Click here.

Download file – Download setup file from a reliable website and open it with Bluestacks.

Install app – Upon opening setup files using Bluestacks, the installation will start. Complete the installation by following instructions.

Run app – Go to my app and run the app.

Bravo ! you have done it

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