Where is Thanksgiving Celebrated – Know When was the First Thanksgiving Celebrated

Thanksgiving is the national holiday celebrated in many countries across the world on different dates. Originally the day is celebrated as a day for thanksgiving for the harvest blessings and of the previous year or otherwise it is a harvest festival. There are lots of things about the Thanksgiving day that many people still does not know clearly such as where is thanksgiving celebrated, when was the first thanksgiving celebrated and where was the first thanksgiving celebrated. To clear all these doubts we have come up with all the information collected from the official sources that is given here for your reference. So, if you are one among those who are searching out for those details, we advise you to read the following information and know the answer.

Where is Thanksgiving Celebrated?

When we dig in to the history to know about when and where is Thanksgiving Day celebrated, we have found some interesting information behind it and we are just sharing that here for your reference. So, read it out.

The answer for the question where is thanksgiving celebrated is here. Thanksgiving Day or Thanksgiving is a national or public holiday mainly celebrated in the countries United States and Canada. In US the Thanksgiving is celebrated on fourth Thursday of November and in Canada Thanksgiving is celebrated on second Monday of October every year. Along with these countries, there are many other countries that used to celebrate their holiday in the name of Thanksgiving. Apart from these countries, we can observe the Thanksgiving Day in many other nations and they are Grenada, The Netherlands, Liberia, United Kingdom, Saint Lucia, Australia’s Norfolk Island and Puerto Rico. There are similar holidays in the countries Germany and Japan too such as Harvest Thanksgiving Festival in Germany and Labor Thanksgiving Day in Japan.

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Thanksgiving Day and Its Occurrence in Various Nations

  •         United States – Fourth Thursday of November
  •         Canada – Second Monday of October
  •         Grenada – October 25th Every Year
  •         Liberia – First Thursday of November
  •         Norfolk Island – Last Wednesday of November
  •         Saint Lucia – First Monday in October
  •          United Kingdom – No Official Holiday (Observed on or Near to the Sunday of the Harvest Moon that comes very close to autumnal equinox)
  •          Puerto Rico – fourth Thursday of November

When was the First Thanksgiving Celebrated and Where?

Though there is lots of information regarding when was thanksgiving first celebrated and where the first thanksgiving was celebrated, there is no clarity for the people on the exact year and the place where the Thanksgiving is celebrated. So, we have collected the information from many sources, refined them to get the right answer for it. Read out the following information to know about it.

When it comes to where was the first thanksgiving celebrated, there is a story among people that the pilgrims have celebrated the first Thanksgiving America in the year 1621 i.e., when newly arrived pilgrims as well as Wampanoag Indians have gathered at the Plymouth for the celebration of the autumn harvest which is an event that is regarded as the “First Thanksgiving” day of the Americans. But, as per some sources, it is known that Pilgrims have not celebrated the first thanksgiving in America and in fact, the pilgrim event which is known to be the first Thanksgiving was not the first Thanksgiving Day of the pilgrims and they have many such events before it which are not done on annual basis. They usually consider those days to thanks the god. Then, when was thanksgiving first celebrated?? To know about the detailed answer continue reading the article.

It is said that, it is common in England and other parts of Europe to frequently choose some days for conveying thanks to god i.e., during the time when the Pilgrims have arrived to America in 1920. In this modern world, where the life has become harsh, there are many such days of Thanks and they are of kind such as the time when drought ended, when good crop comes in, when the ship of supply comes safely from the Europe or when the villagers have survived from the harsh winter etc. Among all such situations, the villagers used to thank god. This practice has been common until when the Thanksgiving has become the National Holiday in the year 1863. Most of these celebrations bore that somewhat resemblance to what we are thinking of the Thanksgiving Day. In fact, the particular Thanksgiving which is known to be celebrated by Pilgrims around November 1621 bore some resemblance to what it is represented now. If the Thanksgiving is not celebrated by the Pilgrims, then who have celebrated it, when and where?? Actually, no one knows about this for sure because the days of thanks were common in the new world.

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Some sources say that, in this 19th century the Modern Thanksgiving has been started to take a shape. In the year 1846, the editor of the Godley’s Lady’s Book – Sarah Josepha Hale has campaigned for the annual national holiday for Thanksgiving after the passage regarding the harvest gathering harvest gathering in the year 1621 has been discovered and also labeled incorrectly as the First Thanksgiving Day. It was not there until 1863 i.e., when the President Abraham Lincoln has declared 2 national Thanksgiving Day’s in which one is in the month of August for commemorating the Battle of Gettysburg and the other one in November for giving thanks for the general blessings.

But, as per many official sources, the Thanksgiving of the Pilgrims that was happened on 1621 is often considered as the first Thanksgiving and it was celebrated in America. So, there is a bit confusion regarding this even now and nobody knows it for sure.

This is all about when and where is thanksgiving celebrated. Hope, after reading this article you will get the answers for all your questions regarding where was the first thanksgiving celebrated and when was thanksgiving first celebrated. For more Thanksgiving information, you can check out the other sections of our website.

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