Thanks Giving Activities and Ideas You Must Try This Year ! 2017

Unique Thanksgiving Ideas 2017 You Must Try!

thanks giving ideas

Thanksgiving is nearing, and that means it’s time to start planning and preparing for the perfect Thanksgiving dinner with the family! But are you tired of the simple dinners you have and want something more? Then we show you some awesome and unique Thanksgiving ideas to do with your whole family and friends!

  1. If you’re one who loves the traditional dinner, then take it up a notch and add new dishes, replacing some that seem “boring” to the family. There are tons of recipes you can find online, and you can even tweak your turkey recipe as well!
  1. Try going out of town! There are tons of awesome events to visit during Thanksgiving, such as the Macy’s Parade. Your children will definitely love the change, and you get to have a fun-filled and relaxing vacation. Plus, it saves you all the time and effort having to whip something up during Thanksgiving.
  1. Think up of fun games to do during Thanksgiving night with loved ones. Before or after dinner, play charades, play board games, or even go out for some outdoor activities and sports! It will definitely be fun to do!
  1. Instead of the traditional dinner, try a themed party where people dress up as something related to what they are thankful for and have them explain why. It’s definitely a reminder of why Thanksgiving exists, and it puts the twist to the usual!


Hopefully, these Thanksgiving ideas will give you the inspiration to try something new this year. Don’t let Thanksgiving be a simple dinner, go grand with these unique ideas! They’re easy to do and you and your loved ones will have a memorable time. So what are you waiting for? Check these Thanksgiving ideas out and add them to your plan on what to do for the holidays!


Happy Thanksgiving Activities: Cool Things to Try out in 2017

Thanksgiving activities 2017

Thanksgiving is coming soon, usually held in October or November, wherever you are from. But either way, it’s time to start preparing and thinking up of great Thanksgiving activities for you and your loved ones! The traditional dinner will always be there, but won’t it be great to add a twist and a new tradition this year? Not only will it be a fun night with your family or friends, but it will definitely be a memorable one as well if you choose to make it! But what exactly are the Thanksgiving activities you would want to do? Here are some cool and unique Thanksgiving activities you can do with your loved ones!


  1. Try playing football or any other sport with your loved ones while waiting for Thanksgiving dinner! You work up a sweat and burn some calories you’ll be eating back!
  1. There are tons of awesome printable activities for children you can hand over to the young ones while you and the older members of the family are catching up. That way, they won’t be restless and will still have a good time.
  1. Play indoor games such as charades or pass the message! Everyone will be able to play, you’ll have fun and interact together rather than use your phones or laptops. Add prizes to get everyone encouraged to start playing the games together.


Now that you have some great ideas for Thanksgiving activities, you can now try them out and add them to your plans for an awesome evening with your loved ones. Whether they are children or seniors, they’ll have a great time as you laugh and have fun together during the holidays. So what are you waiting for? Try these activities out for size and create a new Thanksgiving tradition with your family and friends!

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