Ten deadly marketing sins which can guarantee failure

worst marketing mistakes Once, companies viewed their marketing departments as founts of corporate brand strategies with specific responsibilities for price, placement, promotion and product. But while management often gets better profit-loss pictures from other departments, marketing expenses cannot be tied directly to increasing profits. Marketing faces ever greater challenges in supporting national brand-building projects, increasing customer loyalty and building product differentiation, while also containing expenses.

As companies become more complex, global and competitive, marketing departments are being blamed for events both inside and outside their control. In some firms, marketing departments only control promotions and advertising. At other companies, corporate strategists, operations officers and even the treasurer have assumed marketing responsibilities or oversight. As a result, marketing gets blamed for more failures than it actually causes.

To break this cycle, focus your marketing department on creating and launching new products that are bought, not sold. To regain its original position inside the corporation as the center where strategy is developed, your marketing department must identify and correct today’s 10 most frequently committed deadly marketing sins, which are:

  • 1. “Your company is not sufficiently market-focused and customer-driven.
  • 2. Your company doesn’t fully understand its target customers.
  • 3. Your company needs to better define its competitors and monitor them.
  • 4. Your company has not properly managed its relationships with stakeholders.
  • 5. Your company is not good at finding new opportunities.
  • 6. Your company’s marketing plans and planning process are deficient.
  • 7. Your company’s product and service policies need tightening.
  • 8. Your company’s brand-building and communications skills are weak.
  • 9. Your company is not well-organized to carry on effective and efficient marketing.
  • 10. Your company has not made maximum use of technology.”
  • Marketers are being challenged on every dollar they spend and spend way too much time justifying the money they spend than gaining insights into consumer behavior.  This is one of the key reasons that a lot of marketers are skeptical when it comes to social media; they are not sure how to prove ROI to managers who see social media as a fad or and don’t understand it.

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