Mothers Day Celebration in South Africa : Happy Mothers day 2019

Mothers Day in South Africa is celebrated with great enthusiasm and full of spirit to acknowledge the importance of mothers in our life. This day is celebrated to honor and thank mothers for all the love and care she has given to us all her life. In South Africa Mothers Day is celebrated on second Sunday of month may like most of the other countries. This year it will be celebrated on 10th may 2019. People in South Africa celebrate Mothers Day with all the different ways to enjoy honor and appreciate the mothers and make them happy and feel great for whatever work they have all their life all sacrifices they have done for their family was worth it. Traditional way of celebrating Mothers Day is giving flowers to the mother as a token of appreciation . Specially carnations are given huge supply of carnation takes place on Mothers Day florist sell lots of carnation flowers on this day.

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Mothers day Celebration In South Africa:

In South Africa, Mothers Day is taken as an opportunity to thank not just mothers but also grandmothers and women who are like mothers. People celebrate this day by spending time with mother and family and enjoying the day the way mother would love to. The second Sunday of May holds an important place in the life of South Africans as they celebrate it with great fervor and happiness. They regard mothers day as an auspicious day, which gives every human being an opportunity to say thanks to his or her mother and appreciate all the efforts she has undertaken for him or her. South Africans make the most of the opportunity and leave no stone unturned to express gratitude towards their mothers. It is the day dedicated to all the mothers all over the world for the constant self-sacrifice and patience they devote in raising their children as well taking care of the household chores. Mothers are the epitome of love, care, and warmth and that is what they shower on to their kids.
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Red and pink carnations represents love and happiness and is given to mothers with great love to express the affection and love and thank her for all the things she has done all her life to take care of us and give us a good life. Some people who have lost their mother keeps the white carnation on the grave of their beloved mother and honor and remember her on this day.
Now a days people are so busy with their daily routine and find difficult to spend quality time with family. This busy life has separated people from their families and friends. So the mothers day is the one day when people want to leave all their work daily routine everything back keep all the others things aside and spend some good time with family relax and enjoy the moment and give our precious time to our mother and make her feel that she is the most important person in our life and we thank her for all her efforts and sacrifices she has done all her life to give us the best life.

Origin of Mothers Day in South Africa:

To Thee, the Creator, to Thee, the Powerful, I offer this fresh bud, new fruit of the ancient tree. Thou art the Master, we thy children. To Thee, the Creator, to Thee, the Powerful God, I offer this new plant. this is the prayer most South African parents say to give their child a good life, prosperity and good health and safety. Parents are always there for their child to protect him from any bad things and help the child to get good life. So its responsibility of all children to respect their parents.

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