iThumbapp : Car Pool – Ride Share – Taxi Share

iThumb helps you to Ride Share; Carpool; and even Share a Taxi.

Schedule your ride with iThumb, and never miss that lift! It is about all those times when you and your friends are travelling similar directions at similar times and would share if you only knew.

  • iThumb is about going on a long road trip and having a spare seat – about sharing costs or just having company.
  • iThumb is about hitch-hiking, but in a whole new way.
  • iThumb is about less cars going to the same place at the same time.
  • iThumb is social.
  • iThumb – It’s about time.
  • iThumb is about making it greener, saving fuel, becoming cleaner
  • iThumb is about changing the world – one ride at a time.

Carpool, Ride-Share, Taxi-Share.


iThumb is a creation and a service brought to you by Torrskog, a small and innovative Australian company trying to make things better by making better things.
Torrskog is Scandanavian for Thor’s Forest, and we think that is pretty cool because our vision is to improve the quality of the planet by reducing the number of cars on the road and saving forests from polluted air. Saving us from polluted air is a bonus too.

If we can take one car off the road with this app, then we have succeeded.

If we can take ten cars from the road, then we are more successful.

A thousand cars a day? What a difference would that make.

If a million cars …     and then?

Every small trip together helps to take cars from the road to green our world.

iThumb is customisable.

Limit it to just your friends, or include the friends of your friends or even more.
And you don’t have to get notified at 2am if you don’t want to – it’s you choice.
iThumb is about

  • asking your friends for a lift.
  • offering your friends a lift.
  • socialising and travelling together.
  • removing cars from the road.
  • iThumb is about doing your part.

With iThumb, you are changing the world one ride at a time.

iThumb is about safety.

You’re always in control as you can
Accept or Reject lifts from whoever you want;
and only share your location if you want.

  • iThumb is about choice.
  • iThumb understands sometimes we want to hide.
  • iThumb is respectful of your privacy.
  • iThumb is in your pocket for when you need it.
  • iThumb is helping you do your part.

iThumb is doing its part, but YOU, not iThumb, will be changing the world with every ride you share.

iThumb is about having fun.

iThumb is

  • about going out together
  • about friendship
  • about meeting up with your mates.
  • being there no matter what.
  • iThumb is about unity.

With iThumb in your pocket, you are always together.