Is Sacred Games TV series on Amazon Prime? : Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Saif Ali Khan

Is Sacred Games TV Series On Amazon Prime ??

In the age of web series, Netflix splashes big in India with Sacred Games

Back in 2006, Vikram Chandra gave readers a thriller novel of the name Sacred Games and made an impact. The impact was such, that after all these years when Netflix ventured into the Indian digital entertainment market; it chose to bring the novel to life for all its avid viewers and reads alike. The web series was produced in partnership with Phantom Films of the same name, Sacred Games.

Sacred Games On Amazon Prime

The web series dealt with the novel in a very intricate manner and instead of just giving glimpses or an ideological preview of the book. Rather, it delved deep into the depth of the words and came up with eight, hour-long episodes. Each episode was thrill-filled and kept the viewers in their edges. There was hardly anything that went missing from the series. For, generally when a series is adapted from a novel or a best selling book, it fails to bring out the details and the transition of that particular stories.

However, in the Sacred Games web series, the directors and the scriptwriters have done a fantastic job of bringing out the words into reality. Every scene has something to offer, along with every move. Directors Anurag Kashyap (Co-founder of Phantom Films) and Vikramaditya Motwane (Co-founder of Phantom Films) has done a fantastic job in making the series what it is. Reasons, why the writers should be applauded, shall be known by the end of the piece. Writers Smita Singh, Vasant Nath, and Varun Grover have done an excellent job and have spat out some innovative and catchy phrases that cannot go unheard or unappreciated.

Reasons why one should watch the Sacred Games series by Netflix:

  1. The gangster feel

For starters, if a piece of work features Nawazuddin Siddique, it is a rare occasion if it goes missing by the viewers. His performance as Ganesh Gaitonde in the series is one of a kind. His character is of a notorious and ruthless crime boss who considers himself to be worthy of what he has achieved. Audiences are made to stay glued to their screens to learn about his story just like his counterpart in the series, Saif Ali Khan.

  1. The good cop, bad cop scenario

Many might say that Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan has done his part back in the 90s and is now divulging in any garbage that is thrown at him. However, it is a sure phenomenon that viewers will be surprised by seeing his performance in this series. Hands down, Saif Ali Khan has succeeded in doing justice to his character and not just play the part for the sake of it. It was a treat watching him in the character of a cynical and troubled police officer who has his own demons to deal with, both mentally and in real life itself.

  1. The lady with the lamp effect

Radhika Apte, known for doing edgy characters has probably done something out of the box this time around. She plays the role of an analyst in RAW (Research and Analysis Wing). Her character is pretty straight and clear minded from the very beginning and evolves with every episode. Radhika Apte’s character is what helps Saif’s character evolve. Her performance too should be lauded, for the talented actor that she is, she transforms into her characters very smoothly.

  1. The directors tadka

One is hardly surprised if Anurag Kashyap direct and there are slurs and abuse’s in a piece of work. The fact that he touches a viewer’s feelings, is because his direction in more realistic and he knows when and how to showcase one’s emotions out on the camera. Vikramaditya Motwane too has a similar essence and rarely delves into blasphemy.

  1. The desi feel

Even though the platform was Netflix, the series was purely Indian and has a huge amount of desi-ness in it. The series is set in Mumbai, known for its crime and glitter, going hand by hand. The transition of the series takes place in two different time period and is quite interesting to watch.

Is Sacred Games Available To Watch On Amazon Prime ?

By the end of the finale, one would just sit and ask for more. The makers have done a good job in keeping the viewers inquisitive.

Now, is Sacred Games TV series on Amazon Prime? Or, is Sacred games series available to watch on Amazon Prime? These are frequently asked questions by a lot of viewers who are still waiting to watch the series. Well, if you have Amazon Fire TV Stick then you can for there is a Netflix placeholder on the Fire TV stick. However, you won’t find it on Amazon Prime.

Enough said, its time to should go and watch the series for yourself on Netflix.

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