How to play PUBG Mobile On PC Using Emulators Like Bluestacks or NOXplayer ?

Things you should know before you start Playing PUBG Mobile

If you are new to the game PUBG also known as Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds and have questions like ‘how to play PUBG mobile on PC?’ then you are at the right place. This article will help all the players get a proper and clear understanding of the game PUBG and they will be able to play the mobile version of their game on their personal computer. PUBG is a game which is developed by Tencent games and is known all across the world for its HD graphics and audio. People all over the world right now r playing PUBG. The reason why PUBG became so much popular in such a short period of time is that in these game players has the opportunity to play with their friends and family and compete against players all across the world over real time.

PUBG Mobile

About Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds

The game Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds is right now available for both Android and iOS mobile platforms for free. This game is also available for Play station, Xbox, and PC but they are not available for free in the respective application store. The main concept of the game is that there is an 8 kilometer by 8-kilometer island where players will be dropped from an airplane where they compete against each other in teams or solo to a winner takes all battle. Players will have to find weapons, supplies, and vehicles on the island for survival and always keep up with the shrinking play area.

The graphics of the game Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds is very rich and this is the reason it seems so much realistic. The 3D sound effect that is added to the game makes it so much fun to play. In this game, there is a car for everyone’s taste. There are different types of cars and bikes available so that players are able to travel in style even when they are fighting for survival. This game allows players to team up with friends and family and play in squad mode. The squad mode allows a maximum of 4 players to play as a team. Right now the current version of PUBG in android play store is 0.6.0 and it was last updated on the 19th of June in the year 2018.


What Do You Need To Play PUBG Mobile On PC / Desktop Computer / Laptop ?

There are just two real alternatives to find the game up and running on the PC, but neither of these are especially tasteful choices. Specifically, they ask that you conduct the game in an emulator, and now the two major options available are BlueStacksor even NoxPlayer. The prior has built-in aid for streaming to societal websites and Twitch; the latter struck peak popularity during the boom at Pokemon GO location spoofing.

Player consensus mostly agrees that when both emulator programs were put through a blender and then chucked to a gorgeous emulator cake, then it might offer the ideal platform on which to perform PUBG Mobile.

  • BlueStacks runs on the match on Android Nougat 7.1, which provides you better images and allows it to run smoother. Its controller mapping is not useful, though.
    In both instances, the outcome is what gamers are searching for — an unbelievable advantage on the rest of the cell network: first since the vast majority of”gamers” that you meet when you first begin playing are robots and are not very clever, and second since the mouse and keyboard combo is exceptional to the slightly awkward control workaround for frozen Android mobiles, and totally obliterates the truth of this (intended) two-finger slide and also tap strategy.

(you can also make the argument that mouse and keyboard will kill off PUBG Mobile before it has even really started. However, you probably figured that too.)

It must be mentioned that neither alternative is totally free of problems. Lag, black screens, and match falls are not uncommon when utilizing these apps, and incompatibility was reported.

Players must also bear in mind that employing these apps plays loose and fast with the Terms of Service to your sport, and you also do danger an account prohibit for your own email.

The Best Way to Set up PUBG Mobile on BlueStacks

You are likely to need to conduct this on BlueStacks + N (N means it is working on Nougat).

  1. Be sure to satisfy the minimal system requirements (do not worry, they are not high) and install and download BlueStacks.
  2. Log in with your Google account (I would recommend making a new one) so you can enter the home display. It is going to automatically add some different games plus a program for opinions.
  3. The very first time you attempt to launch the program, it is going to open and only close down again. Some tutorials suggest setting all quantity to maximum (volume configurations are from the bottom-right corner BlueStacks) because it can begin too silent.
  4. Change emulator configurations:
  • Set screen to 1280 x 720 (you can run bigger, but it is not likely to allow it to look better — it is a cellular game)
  • Place on large DPI Recommended to operate graphics mode on OpenGL (DirectX has seemingly been providing BlueStacks more problem than Nox)
    Maintain”use complex graphics engine style” unchecked — it is a beta setting that has been known to cause graphical mistakes including missing buildings
    Establish CPU cores into Two or Greater
  • Place RAM at least in 1800, although you can probably push more
    You are likely to have to relaunch after messing around with all the configurations, and you are going to be on the loading screen for a very long time. That is normal. Be certain that you have a peek at the controllers menu once you have really loaded into the match and produced a personality so as to map out everything how you need it.

If you currently have it installed, then ensure you’re running version V6.0.5.0 and over (the model number is about the top-left corner of the program window). During this stage you will encounter an incompatibility mistake — only restart and close NoxPlayer to clean your cache and try again.

Change emulator configurations:

  • Establish CPU into two or greater
  • Establish memory to 2048 or greater
  • Establish startup setting resolution to 1280 x 720
  • Establish graphics rendering style to operate in DirectX (if that doesn’t work, you may attempt this at OpenGL)
  • Change your keyboard setting (access by clicking on the keyboard menu button second in the top on the pub to the right). You may really simply have to alter the keyboard opacity on the overlay — Nox urges keeping it at roughly 50 percent .
  • You ought to be able to begin playing immediately, but if you find a white screen rather, simply restart Nox and operate as normal. Just take a fantastic look when you are into double-check your computer keyboard controls.

Things to know about Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds Mobile

Since PUBG is one of those games which everyone is playing around you it is really a tough task be the winner and earn the chicken dinner. Here we have listed down all the things that you need to know which will help you get that edge which will eventually help you to win the battle.


  • In the PUBG mobile game, there is an option of controls customization. Generally, 99 percent of the gamers play with the default settings and there is nothing wrong with it but changing the settings according to the player’s convenience will help players get an edge over others helping them to win the chicken dinner. The best thing about this feature is that you have an option of multiple layouts and you can switch from one layout to another whenever you want to.


  • Understanding the map is very much important when you are playing PUBG. Whenever players are marking a certain location on the map they will have the shortest route shown to their marked area. This marked area will help the players decide when to jump from the airplane. The map also helps the players to stay in the play area as the game progresses. The minimap also helps the players to understand from where they are being shot at and it also helps to track down enemies when they are close to the player.


  • The motto of this game should keep moving and stay alert because if you don’t keep moving then you will end up getting killed by the enemies. There are simple modes of auto sprint which will help the players run faster without having to keep on pressing the run option. There is another option called eye or camera which will help all the players get a 360-degree view without having to move their character head.


  • In the Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds Mobile it is a default option that players will pick up the weapons and supplies which is not a default option in the PC, Xbox or Play Station version. This is the feature which is very much helpful because it is very much hassle free. Always stay alert when you are picking up supplies because if you don’t do so you will end up getting killed.


  • The sound in PUBG is very much important. Always make sure you wear headphones when you are playing PUBG because if you end up not wearing then you will not be able to understand any kind of sounds and what your teammates are saying.


  • The best thing about PUBG mobile is that you will be able to talk to your enemies on chat and challenge them. This helps the game be more and more competitive and fun to play.


  • If you have just started playing PUBG and you are wondering that why does the game have two buttons for shooting, then the reason is the game has 2 buttons because it will help the players shoot in a better way. Even if the miss shooting from one hand their other hand will end up shooting their enemy. Players can always aim with one hand and shoot with the other.


  • Different people have different ways of aiming. You should go to the setting option and change the way you aim according to your convenience. This will help the player’s get better accuracy and better chances of winning. Always make sure you open the sniper option after you are sure that someone is there or else when you will be concentrating to shoot someone far away somebody will end up shooting you from a near location.


  • There is a shortcut to all the healing equipment’s in the game and this will help all the payers heal very fast without wasting any time opening up the bag. When you are suffering from a huge damage med kit is perfect for you but for small wounds, you should use bandages.


  • The motto of the game Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds Mobile is the Chicken Dinner but the game offers more than that. Players are marked on each game on their kills, survival time and other aspects helping them to climb the rank ladder. The SSS ranking is only done so that players are able to boast about their skills after every match.


  • The game also has artificial intelligent bots which generally dress in red shirts. The AI Bots is very easy to kill and for new gamers, it is the perfect way to understand the game and test out the features f the different guns available in the game.


Players have been playing PUBG for quite a long time but the popularity of the game started after the mobile version of the game was released. The mobile version of the game is absolutely free but there are a few in-app purchases which are optional. Since the Mobile version is free people started to play PUBG with help of PUBG Mobile Emulator on their PC. This process has become very much popular because this game is much more fun when players are able to use a keyboard and mouse to play.


Players can always play PUBG Mobile on PC using PUBG mobile emulator by simply downloading Gaming Buddy which will help all the users to play the PUBG mobile game on their PC. The Gaming Buddy file is only 8.4 MB in size and it can be downloaded from anywhere on the internet free of cost. Once all the emulator and game is installed the PUBG Mobile will easily be able to run on the PC at 60 frames per second.


If you are playing PUBG and you want to know a few important things that most of the people don’t know about then you should start learning about the Ghillie Suit. The Ghillie Suit is basically made up of leaves. If you end up finding this suit, make sure you wear it. Once you wear this suit you will not be able to be distinguished from plants and grasses when you will be crawling. This gives a very big advantage because this works as a very good ambush and people are enemies are not able to recognize easily.


Why should you play PUBG?

The reason why gamers should start playing PUBG is that the gameplay of PUBG is really unique. The game helps players compete with people all across the world in real time. This game is very much interactive and players are able to talk to each other while playing which helps them communicate better. The PUBG Mobile has 3 modes. In Solo mode where players will be playing with other 99 people who will all be playing in solo mode? The second mode is duo mode in which players will be playing in the team of 2. There will be a total of 50 teams competing against each other. The third mode is the squad mode which has a team of 4 players. There will be a total of 25 teams playing against each other.


The weird fact about PUBG is that a virtual bandana for the game was sold at $1000. Right now the bandana has become a very rare object and it is not available to anyone. PUBG was played by so many people at the same point of time that it was able to make a world record of most number of players playing at the same point of time beating popular games like Dota 2. Whenever the players win a match they are welcomed with a message Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. This message is used because a long time back when players would bet money on different games after winning they would say the line which portrays that they will be able to afford a chicken dinner that night.


PUBG was at first available in Stream but after the popularity of the game was increasing it was released for PC, Xbox and Play Station. The game became so much popular that over 2 million copies of the game were sold in just one month making PUBG the best selling game in the year 2017. PUBG has also partnered up with Microsoft and has released a PUBG bundle of the Xbox one S and Xbox one X.


Generally, a game of PUBG lasts for about 30 minutes. There are two maps in the game. The first map is called Erangel which is basically a map where everything around is green and forest. The second map is called Miramar which is a desert map. Both the maps are very much interesting and players can play PUBG on both the maps setting them in random option. There are 5 servers available in the game. The five servers are North America, Europe, Asia, South America and KRJP. Users can log into any of the servers and play PUBG sitting at home. Players can also play this game with their friends and family who are miles away from them. There is a training room available in PUBG Mobile and players are recommended to go train there.


Training will help them understand each gun properly and how they recoil. Players can be also learning how to snipe in this mode. Once you start playing PUBG you will understand when you should land and where are the places you should land. It is just a matter of time and practice to be an expert in this game. Communicate, strategize and start playing PUBG today with your friends and family and collect all the chicken dinners you can. Level up and you will be able to play with all the experts of this game.

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