{Must Read} How To Convert Pages Files to Microsoft Word Format? Top 50 CMD Command For Windows 10

Steps To Convert Pages Files to Microsoft Word Format

The method is quite simple and easy and you just need to follow a simple trick that will allow you to convert the extension and make it openable in your Office. So follow up the steps below to proceed.

  • Firstly, open up the Pages Files in a regular way i.e in the default way inside the Pages app. Inside the Pages, App go to the “File” menu and then select “Export to” option from the list that appears. Click on the “Word” option from the further options that will appear.
  • Now you will now see a different screen from where you can see different tabs naming Pdf, Word, Plain Text etc. Select the Word tab and you will then see multiple options from where you have to set the format that is compatible with your Microsoft Word.
  • Choose the right format for your Pages files so that you can then access these files later on. After selecting the options for the format of your files, Click on the “Next” button.

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Now you will be asked to set up the name for the new file or the converted file, you will also be asked to set the location of the file to where it will be exported. Fill up the details for these options and then click on the “Export”.

Know Top 50 Usefull CMD Command For Your Windows 10

To Open CMD, you need to search for CMD in the Search box or you can simply press Windows Key + R that will eventually open the Run window, where you need to type CMD and hit enter.

  1. Accessibility Controls – access.cpl
  2. Accessibility Wizard – accwiz
  3. Add Hardware Wizard – hdwwiz.cpl
  4. Add/Remove Programs – appwiz.cpl
  5. Administrative Tools – control admintools
  6. Automatic Updates – wuaucpl.cpl
  7. Bluetooth Transfer Wizard – fsquirt
  8. Calculator – calc
  9. Certificate Manager – certmgr.msc
  10. Character Map – charmap
  11. Check Disk Utility – chkdsk
  12. Clipboard Viewer – clipbrd
  13. Command Prompt – cmd
  14. Component Services – dcomcnfg
  15. Computer Management – compmgmt.msc
  16. Control Panel – control
  17. Date and Time Properties – timedate.cpl
  18. DDE Shares – ddeshare
  19. Device Manager – devmgmt.msc
  20. Direct X Troubleshooter – dxdiag
  21. Disk Cleanup Utility – cleanmgr
  22. Disk Defragment – dfrg.msc
  23. Disk Management – diskmgmt.msc
  24. Disk Partition Manager – diskpart
  25. Display Properties – control desktop
  26. Display Properties – desk.cpl
  27. Dr. Watson System Troubleshooting Utility – drwtsn32
  28. Driver Verifier Utility – verifier
  29. Event Viewer – eventvwr.msc
  30. Files and Settings Transfer Tool – migwiz
  31. File Signature Verification Tool – sigverif
  32. Findfast – findfast.cpl
  33. Firefox – firefox
  34. Folders Properties – control folders
  35. Fonts – control fonts
  36. Fonts Folder – fonts
  37. Free Cell Card Game – freecell
  38. Game Controllers – joy.cpl
  39. Group Policy Editor (for xp professional) – gpedit.msc
  40. Hearts Card Game – mshearts
  41. Help and Support – helpctr
  42. HyperTerminal – hypertrm
  43. Iexpress Wizard – iexpress
  44. Indexing Service – ciadv.msc
  45. Internet Connection Wizard – icwconn1
  46. Internet Explorer – iexplore
  47. Internet Properties – inetcpl.cpl
  48. Keyboard Properties – control keyboard
  49. Local Security Settings – secpol.msc
  50. Local Users and Groups – lusrmgr.msc

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