Hey Non English Person !! This Images Are For You !!

Simple Images To Understand English For Day to Day Life 

Hey non English person if you are facing some struggles in speaking English or grammar nazis are making fun of your bad English then this images are for you. here is the summery of whole grammar which you have learned till yet.

You should watch this images and share it in your facebook profile or tweet it in tweeter so that people can take a look at this. Always remember that knowledge should be passed from one person to another, so share it.

In, On, Under, In Front Of, Behind, Beside, To the left, To the right


Prepositions of places : At, Between, In, Behind, Under, On, Near, In front Of, Next To

Clothes Phrasal Verbs : Put On, Take Off, Try On, Dress Up, Do up, Zip up, Hang up, Slip On, Throw On, Wrap up


Prepositions Of time :


What, When, Where, Which, Who, Whom, Whose, Why, How


Who, Where, What, When, Why, Which, How, How many, How much, How Long, How Far, How Often

For, Since And During


Irregular Gender


Prepositions With Time


Then & Than


Irregular plural Nouns


Word Families




If And Whether


Here is a list of rules of these tenses



Would, Could, Can, Will


Tense, Active, Passive



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