Get Free PUBG Mobile Gun Skin : Trick to Get Colorful Skins in PUBG Mobile

There are lots of people who are not familiar with gun skins and when they see other people holding colorful guns or guns with beautiful skins they wonder how did they get that skins. Some people also thinks that the only way to get that gun skins in pubg mobile is to pay for them or by buying UC Cash. So obviously you are reading this article because there are some ways by which you can get Free Gun skins in pubg mobile. So lets get this trick started.

First of all these are the skins which is great in look ..

pubg gun skins for free
Free Skins For Gun In Pubg Mobile
Free Skins For Gun In Pubg Mobile

 So these are the samples of gun skins now lets focus on the method of getting it for free.

#1 Get Free Gun Skins By Combining Crate Coupon Scrap 

In this method you need to collect different crate coupons. There are few types of crate coupons scrap you will get by completing daily events and some competing some achievements.

You can combine 10 crate coupon scrap and make one crate coupon which can open related crate for free. By Opening crate you can get free clothes and other stuff including gun skins. So Follow these steps to find the coupon scrap and combine it to one.

  • Step 1 : First of all Click On The Mission Icons given in the bottom right corner of the game screen. Icon is look like below given image.
  • Step 2 : Go to the last tab Named “Achievements” And Scroll Through different categories of achievements.
  • Step 3 : Here you will see the different missions and by completing each mission you will get different rewards including Crate Coupons. Below is the example of different missions of pubg mobile.
  • Step 4 : So By completing that task you get this coupons and you can open the crates in shops. The Location to open particular crate is SHOP>>CRATES>>Different Crates.
  • Step 5 : You can get this Coupon Scrapes by also competing different events. You can watch this events in bottom right corner.
colorful gun skins of pubg mobile

Something: Sometimes you get the Crate coupon scraps. Combine it and and get whole coupons.

different crate coupon scrapes

Here in above given image you can see the 10 premium crate coupon scrape. when you collect 10 scrapes the option to combine that scrapes will automatically shows up on the screen.

#2 Get Free Skins By Collecting RP Points in pubg mobile

you are eligible to get Rewards of Royal Pass Seasons By Collecting RP Points. Royal Pass is the Battle Pass Mission which pubg mobile creator created to provide different prices to the players of the game. It is one of the method of monetization of pubg mobile creator. Now You get to win different gun skins by winning the prizes in Royal Pass. To win the prizes you need to collect RP Points which is totally free. Here is the step by step guide to collect it.

  • Step 1 : First of all click on the RP Icon given in the right side of the pubg mobile game screen.
  • Step 2 : Now Click On Mission Tab on the top right corner of the screen. Here you will find to type of missions. The Daily Missions & Challenge Missions.
  • Step 3 : Now when you achieves 100RP Points by collecting related mission you will get prize from royal battle pass. And by this way you can get free gun skins in pubg mobile.
royal pass for free gun skins in pubg mobile

Also PUBG Mobile creators Releases different events like, Christmas Events, Halloween Events etc. If you complete this event missions you probably have the chances to win free colorful skins of guns.

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  1. No. Brother I opened many boxes but I never got any skins or good clothing’s . I am playing pubg mobile till it was just released so think how irritating it is . I don’t get any anything from these.

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