FAQ (Frequently asked questions.)

Who is Torrskog?

The name Torrskog comes from a settlement beside a Swedish lake and surrounded by forest. Torrskog means Thor’s Forest; it has become an inspiration for cleaner air and quieter roads and we think the name suits.
Torskog Pty Ltd is a small but innovative Australian company, trying to make things better by making better things. iThumb is one of those things. If we (you and iThumb) can take one car off the road with this app, then we have succeeded. If there are ten cars less on the road, then the success is greater. Let’s aim for higher than ten – lots higher.

But I like my car!

You can still own your car, you just might not have to drive it as much. You won’t wear it out as quickly. It can sit in the garage for a bit more that it used to. It can go to the mechanic less than it does now. Less fuel – less wear and tear on the road; less on the tyres; less wear and tear on your pocket. Cleaner air.

How will one occasional car trip help the environment?

If you share one 20 minute drive per month during the 4 hours of peak hour driving –then if 42 people do the same thing then that is equal to one car being removed for that 20 minute period for the whole month.
If 420 people do the same then it become 10 cars.
If 4.2 million people that is 100,000 cars – spread this across the 4 hours of peak-hour and that’s 8333 cars removed by lots of “one 20 minute shared trips” per month.
The more you share the greater the benefits to the air and trees and everything else.

What if I don’t own a car?

Only put people you know and trust on your Friends List. Drivers need passengers for this to work. You’ll know each other; you’ll talk; you’ll work it out.

I am female and I only want to travel with other women.

Can I do this?

Yes – You pick a Same Gender Travel Partner or choose that the gender of the other doesn’t matter.
You can NOT specifically choose an opposite gender Travel partner. It is not that sort of app – it is not a dating site – it’s a “travel with someone you feel comfortable with” app.