Facebook advertising case study: But what did it do for sales ?

Facebook Executive Summary-Cheerios Objective: Growing the number of people who have connected to Cheerios’ Facebook Page Solution: Running a series of ads targeted at young mothers, emphasizing Cheerios’ heritage, nutritional benefits, and commitment to philanthropy Results The Cheerios Facebook Page had 8,854 people connected to it on November 4, 2009, the day before the campaign began.

Ten deadly marketing sins which can guarantee failure

Once, companies viewed their marketing departments as founts of corporate brand strategies with specific responsibilities for price, placement, promotion and product. But while management often gets better profit-loss pictures from other departments, marketing expenses cannot be tied directly to increasing profits. Marketing faces ever greater challenges in supporting national brand-building projects, increasing customer loyalty and

Should CEO’s use social media and what is role of PR ?

The debate on whether CEO’s should use social media continues to heat up.  Some suggest it’s a good idea while other believe it could cause damage to companies and brands. While people continue to argue for social media use by CEO’s corporate communications people have their hands full trying to be transparent in an age