Best 5 Diwali Gifts Ideas And Tips for Women On Diwali 2017

Diwali Celebration 2017: Well! Diwali is a festive of exchanging gifts among friends and families. And women love to receive gifts…isn’t it? Gifts are the way in which the radiance of love and affection gets illuminated. A little gift will make the Diwali memorable for the loved ones. While you will find makers everywhere creating some unique and wide range of gift items, it is really difficult for us to choose the small token of love for your love. It is quite scratching and brainstorming while buying gifts for women though. I can suggest you something on these-you may go for some traditional or any contemporary gifts or you can go for the artistic and modern touch gift items. Here we have listed down some very unique and special Diwali Gifts for Women. Check them out!

 Best Diwali Gift Ideas For women


Diwali gifts for women

  1. Diamond: Well! Diamonds are the special way to touch the woman’s You can say they are rather the best-friend for any woman. It symbolizes the beauty of a woman, the style and looks of a diamond is pure and its beauty is aesthetic. Gifting a diamond this Diwali won’t be a bad idea.
  2. Spiritual GiftsSpiritual Gifts can a be beautiful gift in this day of festive. In order to seek the blessings from the Divine God and Goddess like “Ganeshji” and “Laxmiji”, you can gift an idol of them made of white clay. There are many other spiritual gift items like handcrafted “puja thalis”, homemade diyas and candles. You can also gift some spiritual CDs or DVDs available in the market. It is the most traditional way of gifting during the Diwali.
  3. Home Decorating Item: During Diwali women love to decorate their houses, so nothing can be the best than gifting them an ideal decorating gift item. You can buy her new furniture or you can gift her wall hanging paintings, antique lantern.
  4. JewelryWomen are always attracted to jewelry items be it of silver, gold or pearl. SO nothing can pamper your mom, sister or wife than this. Gift them some beautiful and ravishing piece of earrings, ring or anything that suits your budget and bring a smile on their faces.
  5. Clothing and Accessories: Women are always ready to buy clothes and they love to be dressed well. So taking her for a shopping can be a good option if you are puzzled about what to gift and what not. Otherwise clothing and accessories can be a good option to gift any woman.


Well! These are the top 5 gifting ideas for your lady love this Diwali. But there are many other gifts like dry fruits, chocolates, sweets hamper etc. These are some of the traditional gift items for Diwali. You can opt for any of them you like. Happy Diwali!

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