{Best 33+} Urdu Happy Mother’s Day SMS, Wishes, Greetings & Images In Urdu Language 2018

Happy Mothers day SMS In Urdu

From here you can get the best mothers day 2018 sms in urdu .As mother day is celebreated all across the world people like to share Sms in english ,urdu, arabic and in many other languages .
Mother and kid are interrelated by nature. Both are conjoined from each other. The bond that a kid creates with his mom can never be confined. You developed as a living being inside her for nine months. She conveyed you and maintained you, offering her sustenance to you through your umbilical string. When you are conceived the line is separated.Here you can get best mothers day 2018 sms in urdu
 That bond keeps going forever. As we grow up we end up being our own  and may come to overlook that lady who supported and adored us. Talk your heart out to express your adoration and admiration for your mom on this current Mother’s Day. You can discover a percentage of the best gathering of mother verse from various scholars. Here you can get best mothers day 2018 sms in urdu.

Urdu Messages Or SMS For Mother’s Day 2018

Maa Ki Duaan aisa Rang Laay
K Hum Khuda K Har azaab S3 Bach Jay.. ….M3ri aankh Sy Mat Pocho Qarb Kay Samandar Ka
Bikharna H3 K3sy Buchpan M3n Jo Sikhaya Tha
Guriya Ko Sajana Or Rait K Gharon Ko Banana
Sabar Ki 4 Diwari M3n ansuoo m3n Pyar Dhondna
Maa Sab Jnati Ho Tum M3ri aankho Sy Mat Pochna

M3ri Taqd33r M3n 1 Bhi Gum Na Hota..
ag3r Taqd33r Likhny Ka Haq..
M3ri Maa Ko Mila Hota….

Maa Ka Ch3hra Bhi Has33n H3 Tasbhi K Daano Ki Tarhan.
Main Maa Ka Ch3hra D3khta Raha Or M3ri Ibadat Hoti Rahi…

Y3 K3hy Kar Farishtoo Sy JaNNaT M3n Chala Jaon Ga
apni Maa K QaDaMO Ko Dhoond Raha Hon

S33ny Sy Lga Kr Maa Kaha Krti Thi Mujh Ko
Tu Laal H3 Tu Na Sataya Kar Mujh Ko
Pachtay3 Ga 3k Din Jab Main Dunia Sy Chali Jaon Gi
Na Chahty How3 B ak3la Chor Jaon Gi
Zmaana Dikhay3 Ga Garmi Ki Shidat Tujh Ko
Phir 3k Din Yad Kar Kay Roy Ga Tu Mujh Ko
.Muddad Sy M3ri Maa N3 Mujhy S33ny Sy Nhi Lgaya

ab Soo Gai KhaaaK M3n Jab Kch K3hny Ka Waqt ay


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