Aadhar Card App Alternative UMANG – How it Gives Transparency & Good Governance ?

At present, there are many mobile applications for Aadhaar card. But which are all unofficial apps. It may causes some security related issues. Still now there is no official Aadhaar apps. But most of the people prefer to download unofficial apps, which is bit easy process when compared to opening the Aadhar web site every time. But, in our Modi’s government, they will shortly launched a official Aadhaar application called “UMANG”

Aadhar Card App Alternative UMANG

Currently, this UMANG application is on progressing. Within a few days, this application will be launching. This UMANG means, Unified Mobile App for New-age Governance, it is a mobile application which provides all government related services. To bring up the best e-government services with mobile phones in India, the developing team putting lot of efforts. At a time, we can able to run 1000 government services by using this app.

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How it Gives Transparency & Good Governance ?

UMANG application will be releasing in twelve indian languages. So, once the developers team released this app, we need not to download any unofficial applications. We recommend, the UMANG will definitely serves us a best application for Aadhaar card services. The main intention of this UMANG is, to lessen the people time by spending lot of time visiting to government offices. We can activate all government services in this one app.

Initially, the UMANG application launching with 50 services, but shortly they are willing to reach upto 200 services. Let us see, as it is the big challenge. But the developers are very much serious about this application.


The use of this UMANG application is, it maintains all the personal information of each and every people and other services. So, that they no need to enter the details every time. There will be a identification keys with E Aadhaar Download and other proofs. As per news from officials, the first UMANG document must be roll out in 3 years.

aadhaar alternate umang app

The main excellent feature in this application is, the app definitely had option of sharing the digital certificates and other documents to various government officers with this app. So, it reduces our time, for visiting the government offices.

We surely said that, the UMANG is an best alternative application to other unofficial apps for Aadhaar cards. UMANG is most safe and reliable application which works for several tasks related to Aadhaar card and other government services.

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