10 Essential Tips for a Safe Diwali : Safety Precaution For Diwali 2017

Happy Diwali 2017: Diwali is the festival of lights, love, joys and happiness. It is celebrated throughout the world and is celebrated by all. Celebrating Diwali with the loved and dear ones is what everyone loves to do. However, a little precaution could add more sparkle to Diwali, and even a bit of callousness could lead to fatal consequences. So, here is how you can celebrate a safe Diwali with these 10 tips. Check out now!

Safety Precaution for diwali 2017


10 Essential Tips for a Safe Diwali


  1. Clothes: Well! Everyone from kids to adults loves to burst firecrackers during Diwali. But to avoid any accident while playing with the fire it is very much recommended that you wear something on cotton and not any synthetic clothes.
  2. Quality of Crackers: While buying crackers, you need to look at the quality of the crackers. Don’t buy anything that is not of a known company. And you must go through the instructions before bursting crackers for the safety of yourself and kids.
  3. Burst Crackers in the Open Ground: Make sure you burst crackers in an open area and not in any crowded place. It is very dangerous for the passerby or the bystanders.So don’t allow your kids to burn crackers even in any crowded place.
  4. Instruct the Children: Well! It is very much important for you to instruct the children before bursting the crackers. Tell them how to burn the individual crackers and teach them its safety and precautions. The best you can do is to stay with them while they are bursting any cracker. Supervising them while they are having a fun time with crackers is of utmost importance.
  5. Fire Extinguisher: It is quite important to have a fire extinguisher while bursting the crackers. If not fire extinguisher, then do have a bucket of water nearby so as to tackle any unexpected fire accident.
  6. Closed Areas: Make it a note that never ever burst any firecrackers in a closed area. Doing so can lead to a massive hazard in case of fire breaking. So make sure of these small things in order to stay safe.
  7. Candles and Diyas: Diyas and Candles are meant to lighten up the house and make it brighter. While lighting up the candles and the diyas, make sure there is no curtains and clothes present nearby. It may otherwise cause some hazards and accidents.
  8. Discarding the used Fireworks: Well! Once you have burst the firecrackers, do make sure that you are discarding them at a proper place. You can use a handful of water bucket or sand to discard the fireworks.
  9. Emergency: While having any emergency doesn’t try to cure it up with any home remedies like ghee, paste, turmeric powder etc. Rush to the nearest hospital.
  10. One at a Time: While bursting fireworks, remember not to burst all at the same time. Take time to burst the fireworks one at a time.

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